Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mimi Kravitz and Paul Friedlander On Stage

Mimi Kravitz rocks out with Paul Friedlander at Wood's Hole performance of Mother Zamcheck's Bacon Band. The exact date hasn't been determined but according to Lee Gesmer, who was there (we have the photos to prove it and will post them) it cannot have been later than 1971.

Jon Oshima photo.


  1. I went to the Woods Hole concert and worked the light show with Jon Oshima.

  2. Jon started the OLW - the orgasmic lantern works. Sometimes Stan, Mike M, and I would do them with him, also Bill Brown. Volatile chemicals were always ready to explode on the overhead projector. Blob shows, we called them.

    Recently I got asked to sit in on a session with some much younger ambient musicians (they needed some shakuhachi to give the piece more soul)and they had a psychedelic light show going on the walls during the take. I started to tell them how we used to do that, then I remembered that they weren't even born when that happened, so I shut up.


  3. Anonymous1:29 AM

    For some reason, I ws sitting here in San Rafael, California and thinking back to a very fun evening I spent with my friends at the Weston High School coffeehouse in Weston, Mass., circa 1971 or 2...listening to: Mother Zamcheck's Bascon Band....and I thought, let's google that name and see what happens! Ha! Amazing! There you are, and this picture is how I remember you....You guys were HOT (a bit Jethro Tull, kinda progressive and adventurous, as I recall?) and I always loved the name; it has stuck in my head all these years. It was the only time we saw you but, you really inspired my band, "Yankee Dog"....Rock on, guys and gals... and I hope life is good wherever you are! -

  4. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Great shot of Paul. I was at that Woods Hole show. I think we slept in sleeping bags at the venue. Thanks for posting this.
    Jim Manson