Sunday, March 07, 2010

Homstead II Leadership development camp. Circa 197? Jimmy Smith, Justin Cole, and Jamie Remar. (James Remar)


  1. Jamie Remar! Yes indeed.

    Meanwhile: Are you the REAL Bob Crowley?

    cause I'm the real Brian Curran, contacting you from the outer reaches of time.

    Nice to see some familiar faces here..Jay Sidman! Wow!

    But so many are missing!

    Where is Mike Maffie? Bob Whalen? Phineas? Marcus?

    So many seem to have vanished, despite my efforts to find them.

    I hope you are well, Bob.

  2. Hello Brian!

    Nice to hear from you. We've mostly migrated to facebook of course, but this blog of several years ago, mostly, still get found - you found it!

    Mike is missing, Marcus is around Bob and Phineas are not-yet accounted for. FB appears to be the present location for catching-up. You should be able to find me - perhaps in relation to Judy Fallows, or Rick Cone?

    Talk soon