Wednesday, December 19, 2007

site updates

Hello friends and fellow full and part-time artists.

Google has enabled a new function that you can access if you scroll all the way to the bottom. There is now a link to "Older Posts" that brings you to the previous page. I have set the page length to about 20 posts, so if that is too long for your browser to load, let me know and we can shorten up the pages a little bit to accommodate those with slower connections.

Another thing: Cindy and I have been talking about having a small online art show. It would be put up on a separate page or pages linked from here. Two or three sharp, clear photos of your work along with a description and also the size and media would be ideal. The entire page(s) will be marked copyright if that helps, otherwise, watermark your images if you think that will make you feel better. Watermarking is helpful to stock photogs who might have their images used online elsewhere. Fine artists may want to show off their works without intrusive marks and label their ownership adjacent to the image. I can also "right click protect" the pages so you can't just copy and paste them. Go to see how that works.

Send your submissions to w1xyz at

I have one kinetic folk sculpture, one mixed media collage, and something else that I haven't picked. Anything transmittable, including animation, music, still images, haiku, photos of 3D works, videos of works that move, etc. can be included.

Bob Crowley

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